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Monday, 14 April 2014

♥Arbonne FC5 Skincare Range♥

♥Hey Everyone!

I have recently had an amazing opportunity to test out some amazing products from Arbonne! 

For those of you that have never heard of this company, Arbonne is an amazing brand that that was founded by Petter Morck in 1975 in Switzerland. Although, the business wasn't started till 1980. Arbonne first started selling products in America but now sell products in Canada, Australia & the UK. 
Petter Morck had previously worked for quite a few top end skin care companies, very top end where the products were only available to the rich & famous! This made Petter want to set up his own brand so that ordinary people could also purchase top end products but without the huge price tag. He set this up along with a programme that helped people not only beable to get their hands on amazing products but so people could also work with him and earn some extra money. 
Arbonne are a through and through Green company and have been since they started in 1980, down to their packaging and even the ink they use to print! 
All ingredients Arbonne use to make their products are 100% natural. No added chemicals. 

FC5 Range
This week I have been trying out a bit of Arbonnes skincare. 
I've been using FC5 Range for oily skin. I can honestly say I noticed a difference within 2 days! This stuff is a must have for your skin. 

I've been using: 

Purifying Cleanser & Toner

This product is a 2-in-1 Cleaner & Toner, it smells so fresh! It smells of actual Lemons! I use this to take off my makeup of a night time & to cleanse my face in the morning. I put this on my damp face and rub in circular motions all over and rinse. I do this twice just to make sure I get rid of all the yuckiness hiding in my skin!
I then add this to a cotton pad and carefully rub the cotton pads down to remove eye makeup, this product isn't made for using on your eyes but I haven't had a problem with it. 

This alone leaves my skin with such a gorgeous glow and it feels so fresh afterwards! 

♥Exfoliating New Cell Scrub
This product is fantastic! I do not have a single bad word to say about it! When I first squeezed it out of the tube, I thought it looked like a face mask as it has a sort of clay feel to it with tiny little beads in. 
After using the Cleanser & Toner I apply this to wet skin and massage into my face and neck in circular motions concentrating mostly on my T-Zone. 
I think rinse with warm water and finish by splashing my face with cold water. 
I did have a little panic when I first used this product as my face was tingling after and went a little Red but after some research I soon found out that it just means the product is active.
This is honestly one of the best exfoliators I have used! 


♥Nightly Resurfacing Pads
I have never before used anything like these pads before! They are literally a life saver! 
They smell disgusting, I'm not going to lie, they make my eyes water and I was extremely sceptical about putting them on my skin. They smell like anti bacterial wipes. 
I use these after I cleanse & exfoliate. I wipe these all over my face and neck. They help your skin to get rid of the old skin cells and replace it with new skin. When I wake up in the morning after using these I don't always put on makeup. They get rid of dark circles and scarring and they are AMAZING! They're on the pricey side but they are so worth it!

♥Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion♥ 
This moisturiser has practically got rid of my oil! I actually think I need to move to combination as my oil is basically gone. It is so lightweight and has that gorgeous fresh smell to it. It's not just a moisturiser, it also has a SPF of 20 in it and helps to filter UV rays saving your skin from sunburn. 

♥Moisturizing Night Creme
This night creme is amazing to put onto the skin. It feels so silky and hydrating without that horrible oily feeling. It leaves your face feeling so fresh and clean. I apply this around 30 minuets after using the Resurfacing pads as I like to give them time to work first. This creme seems to last on the face so long and my skin feels so soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning! 

Thank you for reading my blog! I will be back in a few days with more reviews of Arbonne products. I have a load of their makeup and have gone crazy on the CC Cream lately! 
Please check out Arbonnes website, their products really are some of the best I've come across. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

♥March Favourites♥

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting blogs the last week, I've been crazy busy!!
This week, as you may have noticed by the title, I'm doing my fav products this month :).


This month I've gone a little MAC crazy!! I had never used MAC before January and it is now one of my favourite brands!! 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW18)
This foundation is the best foundation I have ever used... I really do not know how I have ever gone without it! It has such a flawless finish and blends so effortlessly! 
It is a full coverage foundation so I would probably steer away from this in the upcoming warmer months but for now, this product can do no wrong for me! 

MAC Cremesheen - Creme Cup.
Creme Cup is THE most beautiful pink lipstick I have used. It's a true, true, baby pink and looks gorgeous on the lips. 
It glides on so smoothly and smells so good too! 
I bought this at the beginning of March and it is half gone. Once this product runs out, I will definitely be repurchasing it.
MAC Quad

RetroSpec - Top Left. 
I use this as a brow and inner corner highlight. It is gorgeous! It really brightens up the eye and makes you look more awake. It's a very light shimmery brown and would look gorgeous on all skin types.  

All That Glitters - Top Right.
This is the ultimate girly pink eyeshadow! It's more of a subtle pink but I absolutely love it! I just apply this on its own and maybe add some Bronzer as a bit of eye contour with winged eyeliner and it looks so pretty.

Patina - Bottom Left.
I love this colour because you can use it on it own through the lid and the crease, but if you blend out at the crease it looks like 2 different eyeshadows. Patina is like a dirty brown colour with Red undertones and gold shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous! 

Tempting - Bottom Right. 
This Dark Brown Shimmery colour is gorgeous on the outer corner of the eye paired with RetroSpec in the inner corner. It's such a gorgeous colour, this is one of my favourite MAC colours. I always seem to keep going back to this. 

Rimmel - Wake Me Up.
I have LOVED this concealer for quite a while now. No matter how many different concealers I buy, I always seem to keep going back to this. I really does brighten and awaken the under eye area. It covers dark circles and just makes you look FLAWLESS! I also use this as a highlighter on the bridge of my nose, middle of the forehead & chin. 

This month I completely changed up my skin care routine and I DO NOT regret it! My skin has never felt so amazing. 
At the beginning of this month I went into Debenhams looking for something to fix my skin as I was having so many breakouts! 
Elizabeth Arden - Visible Difference 
I had heard loads of good things about Elizabeth Arden so, I went to have a look at their counter. 
Whilst I was there the lovely assistant did a skin test and told me my skin wasn't it's best because I had been treating it as oily when I had Combo. I had been starving my skin of moisture. 
As I never wanted to spend a fortune not knowing if the product would work, she offered me a starter pack. In the starter pack you get a Toner, Exfoliator, Skin Serum that you put on day and night before your cream & Hydrating Day Cream. 
It is absolutely brilliant! When my mini bottles run out, I will definitely be purchasing the full sized products. 

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing & Perfecting Milk 
This was a bit of a spontaneous buy. I was in Boots looking at makeup removers as I've now run out of my PONDS cleanser. Next to all the liquid makeup removers was this. It was 2 for £5 so I got this and the toner. 
The toner I didn't like, I thought it felt a bit greasy.
The Cleansing milk is brilliant. I apply this onto my dry skin and really rub it into my skin and eye makeup, I then add a little water and rub it again. I rinse it off and them repeat a second time just to make sure all the makeup from through out the day is all gone and then go on to use my Elizabeth Arden set. 

Another obsession I've had this month is Soap & Glory! I really like their products, they smell and feel beautiful on the skin and last so long!! 

Clean On Me
In the shower I have been using Clean On Me, it smells amazing! It's not an overpowering smell but it sticks to your skin for so long! This product has a built in moisturiser so leaves your skin feeling so soft!! 

The Righteous Butter
This smells edible!! Shea Butter & Almonds combined into one body butter is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! 
My skin has never been so soft since using this product, the smell stays with you all day. I notice throughout the day, every now & then I get a burst of smell from this... LOVE, LOVE and even more.... LOOOOVE! 


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
This is the ultimate Spring perfume! It is so light and floral. Whenever I wear this perfume, I always get compliments. It's so girly, I actually think this is a must have for any girls perfume collection.

Ciate - Raspberry Collins. 
I got this in my GlossyBox in March. This colour is a gorgeous bright Pink. The applicator is amazing and it just glides on the nail. I only use one coat of this and it looks gorgeous! 

Thank you for reading my blog lovelies! I shall be back after the weekend with a blog about my trip to Bournemouth I'm taking with my boyfriend!
♥ Loves♥ 

Friday, 21 March 2014

♥Pamper Evening♥

♥Hello Everyone!
After I finished work today all I wanted was to jump in a nice hot bath with a face mask, stick some rollers in my hair and watch my favourite film. 
Just as I was getting everything ready to relax I thought... Why not make a blog out of it?! So, Here we go!! 
 First things first, I like to take of all my makeup. There is nothing I love more than taking my makeup off after a long day. 
I use L'Oreal Cleansing & Perfecting Milk Cleanser. Put a 2p sized blob into your fingers and rub it all over your face. Once you feel as though all the makeup has lifted a bit add a little water to your fingers and massage it in again. After washing this all off with warm water I like to go in again just to make sure all that dirt it out of the skin. 

♥Face Mask 
After removing all of your makeup, it's face mask time!! At the moment I'm using Lush Sacred Truth fresh face mask. This has little exfoliating beads in here so it brightens up your face! 

♥Bath Time!
 Now it's time to relax in the bath! Fill your bath all the way up and sit back and relax. I've recently been using Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All for my Bubble Bath & it smells SOOO good! 
Whilst in the bath I usually wash off my face mask, shave my legs and just chill.
Am I the only person that never feels clean after just a bath?! This is an optional step if you just have a bath then do everything you gotta do in there! 
In my shower I like to firstly wash my hair. I use the Herbal Essences Rose Hips Shampoo & Conditioner, this leaves my hair SO shiny! 
As I've not had much time in the week with my hair, I've just been washing it and putting it in a pony tail, today I thought I'd put a treatment on there & I used Soap & Glory Hair Supply. After washing your hair use a good amount of this to cover all of your hair and leave in before washing it out with luke warm water. 
Now all the hair is done, legs are shaved & face is done ,there's only one thing left to do! Exfoliate! This is also another Soap & Glory product (don't know if you've guessed it yet but, I'm Soap & Glory crazy!). I've been using the breakfast scrub as my exfoliator. I use this with my pink exfoliating gloves, I think They were something like £1 from Home Bargains. I apply this in circular motion until the little beads have nearly disappeared. 
Now, lastly I like to have one last wash with my Soap & Glory, Clean On Me to make sure all the exfoliating beads are gone and you smell lovely :). 

♥Cleanse & Tone
After a shower and washing off my face mask I like to make sure all the crap is out of my skin. I use a foam cleanser from Avon just to clean out my skin a little more and splash my face with cold water to close my pours. I then tone my skin with Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner. 

♥Self Tan
Now we're all nice and clean and fresh out of the Bath/Shower it's time to tan! 
First, I think it's important that you moisturise any parts of your body that tend to get dry i.e. elbows, knees, back of feet etc. 
Make sure you rub the moisturiser into your skin thoroughly. 
I have been loving Dove Summer Glow lately as it also has a little bit of shimmer to it, although I hate the smell! I put one to two layers of this on my body. I apply it with my hands using circular motions making sure it is all properly rubbed in so it doesn't leave any streaks. 
For my face I use the same self tanner but I mix it with my face cream. I use 1/3 Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Fluid and 2/3 self tanner. I only use a little bit and make sure to rub it down the neck and on and behind the ears.   

After letting my hair towel dry for at least 20-30mins, I blast dry it. 
I firstly apply the V05 Volume Boost Gel Spray to all my roots and then Avon Advance Techniques to the ends of my hair. 
I then blast dry my hair upside down (this seems to add a lot more volume) until it's 80% dry. 
After drying off my hair a little I put in all my rollers. People have a different ways they like their rollers and how to put them in so if you want a blog specifically on how I apply my rollers let me know. 

In last months GlossyBox I received this Ciate nail varnish. This is 100% my kind of color and my kind of nail varnish. It goes on so effortlessly and the color is just beautiful! 

♥Film & Chill 
Now we're all clean, tanned and have bouncy hair, it's time to chill out and watch your favourite film or read a book, what ever you do when your chilling! 
My favourite film at the moment is Frozen! If you haven't watched it yet you neeeeeed to! Such and amazing film!

Hope you all enjoyed my blog & are now having  relaxing evening!! 
I shall be back Monday or Tuesday with how I clean my makeup brushes. Have a lovely weekend! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

♥ March GlossyBox Unboxing♥

 Hello everyone! 
This morning, my postman made me quite happy... My GlossyBox came!! 
I've been getting glossy boxes since January now so I thought it was about time I did an unboxing! 
I absolutely love these boxes and I have been using them for storage! 

The first things I took out the GlossyBox are the new fragrancies that Juicy Couture has bought out. I've had a few of their perfumes before and really liked them! 
It's the new 'Malibu' collection and they're gorgeous! 
The pink one is 'couture La La' and it's a very fruity, light scent. 
The Orange one is just 'Juicy Couture Malibu' it has a little more of a heavier scent it's still fruity but has a bit more depth than the pink, but is still gorgeous! It's more of a evening perfume.
For full size they are £47 for 75ml.
As always the packaging of the Juicy Couture perfumes are so funky! I love displaying these. 

♥Hair & Body♥ 
The next couple of things I got from the GlossyBox are these two products 'Dove 60 second treatment shot' this is full size! And 'Mitchell and Peach English Growers Body Cream'.
I am NOT a fan of the body cream. It smells like it's more for mature women, it has a Lavender smell to it and when you apply it it just feels like water.
This is a 40ml tube but for a 180ml tube it is £36!! I'd expect the product to be a bit thicker and smell a bit better for that much money. 

The Dove treatment shot seems more my thing, as I can't open it without being able to re close it I can't really say anything on it. I do love Dove products and their hair products work really well with my hair! Maybe I'll give a review on this when I do my Soap & Glory collection in a few days?
This is a full size product and retails at £1.49.

And... My favourite part of the GlossyBox! Makeup!
This month we got a full size 'Sleek Pout Polish' this smells absolutely gorgeous like shea butter and Caramel. I'm a bit disappointed as it really isn't pigmented at all. It had no color pay off, it's basically like a Vaseline. 
It retails at £4.49.

And lastly in the GlossyBox you get a full size loose eyeshadow from BellaPierre. I have never heard of this brand before but I did wear this eyeshadow today and it is gorgeous! I got this in the shade 'Bubble Gum'. I used it on my lid paired with 'MAC Tempting' eyeshadow through my crease and it looked lovely. 
I also used it as a cheek and eyebrow highlight and it worked amazing there too! 
If you don't have a BellaPierre loose eye shadow I think you should definitely purchase one! It is so universal and pretty. 
This retails at £12.99! 

  And, that's all of my GlossyBox. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll be back in a few days with my Soap & Glory collection.
As always please don't forget to follow me and leave me comments. 
♥ Loves ♥

Monday, 17 March 2014

♥About Me Tag♥

Hello Everyone! 
So today I thought I'd do the About Me Tag so you can all get to know me a little better.
So, Here we go... 

♥ Do you have a middle name?
No, but my name is Kate-Marie :) 

♥ What was your favourite subject at school? 
I'm a bit of a geek and loved Science. 

♥ What's your favourite drink? 
I absolutely love Vanilla Coke! It came back into the UK for a while but now its gone again :(.

♥ Whats your favourite song at the moment?
At the moment all I keep singing is 'Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman?' So, probably that!

♥ What would you name you kids?
I'm not saying... Last time I told someone the name I liked, they stole it!

♥ Do you like to participate in sports?
I sometimes do. I go through little phases, I'll have like a month where I'm always eating healthy and going the gym then as soon as I see a little change I seem to give up again. 

♥ Favourite book?
At the moment I'm reading '50 shades of Grey'. I LOVE it! 

♥ Favourite color?
Pink.. Obviously ;).

♥Favourite animal? 
My pretty little White Kitten, Minnie ♥

♥ Favourite perfume? 
Armani Code!!

♥ Favourite holiday? 
As this is an American tag I'm going to assume this means like, bank holidays. Definitely, 100% CHRISTMAS!! Who doesn't like Christmas?! 

♥ Have you graduated from High School?
A very long time ago, yes.

♥ Have you ever been out of the country & if so, how many times?
I have only been out of the country once. This was when I was 12 and my family and I went to Spain. I don't really like the Hot weather, it tends to make me ill. 

♥ Can you speak any other language? 

♥ How many siblings do you have?
I have 5. 3 Sisters & 2 Brothers. 

♥ What is your favourite store?
I'd have to say House of Fraser but only because it has everything in there. 

♥ Favourite restaurant?

♥ Do you like school?
I actually hated school at the time but, I'd love to go back now. 

♥ Favourite YouTuber?
I have loads of favourite YouTubers but, if I had to pick one... I couldn't.. It has to be BeautyCrush & Tanya Burr! They're so sweet and brilliant at what they do! 

♥ Favourite movie?
Cinderella. I know every single word! 

♥ Favourite TV show?
Either Keeping up with the Kardashians or Top Gear (I'm a Car girl).

♥ PC or Mac?
MAC!! I could never go back to using a PC now.

♥ What phone do you have?
Samsung S3.. Seriously regret moving from iPhone though :(

♥ How tall are you?
I am 5ft 4".

Thank you to everyone that has took the time out to read this and I hope it's helped you get to know me a little better. As always don't forget to leave comments etc, etc..
I'll be back in a few days with either a GlossyBox unboxing (if it comes on time) or my Soap & Glory Collection.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

♥Mini Beauty Haul♥

Hello Everyone! 
So.. As you may (or may not) of noticed... I haven't posted a blog in a few months. I've been so busy and I wasn't happy with the layout of my blog so, yesterday I went to see my lovely little Holly, who also has a Blog! http://www.ellaroze.blogspot.co.uk/. We sat and sorted out all of my blog and gave it the makeover it needed. I am now finally happy with it and will be posting blogs again.
 Now, enough rambling and on with my Blog! 

Last weekend I went shopping with my little sister for her birthday and whilst there I decided to get me some goodies, I was going to post my blog then but I decided to use the products for a bit so I could review them a little too. 

Skin Care
Elizabeth Arden, Visible Difference
For the last few weeks I've been so unhappy with my skin. It's looked so dull and spotty, so I went on the hunt for a new skin care range.
 After spending hours in Boots I went to the Elizabeth Arden counter as I've heard nothing but good things about them! 
I had a skin test and found out the reason my skin had been so dull was because I had been treating my skin as Oily and using Matte based moisturisers and starving my skin of the moisture it needed. I actually have Combination skin, I have an oily T-Zone and dry patches. 
As I didn't want to spend loads of money without knowing if the product worked or not, the lady at Boots recommended I purchased the 'Starter Kit'. 
 In the starter kit you get:

♥ 50ml Visible Difference Skin Balancing Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. 
 ♥ 50ml Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner. 
♥30ml Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion (SPF 15).
♥5ml Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum.

I've used these everyday for a week now and my skin is the best it has ever been! It's glowing! I highly recommend this product to anyone! 

Lush, The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
I've wanted to try a Lush mask for quite a while as I'm OBSESSED with their bath bombs, but never got round to getting one. 
I went in and was talking to the lovely assistant that works in there about all the masks. I told her I wanted something that would brighten my skin and she suggested this mask. 
I have only used it once but afterwards my skin was so soft and felt instantly softer. 
In the mask it has Ginseng and Ginkgo leaf that help to boost your blood circulation. Honey, yoghurt and free range eggs that help to moisturise. Green tea and wheatgrass that is packed full of antioxidants, leaving your skin feeling amazingly fresh. Wheatgrass that helps to nourish your skin and Papaya bits that exfoliate your skin which gives you a lovely glow. 
This mask is for more mature skin but it is amazing! I 100% recommend this product. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
So, I finally did it! I purchased my first MAC foundation and I am NOT disappointed!
I went into MAC just looking for a new lipstick but ended up having a full face of makeup done! 
I was one of those really annoying picky customers and the lovely lady that did my makeup was probably getting seriously annoyed with me but after trying about 10 different shades and foundations I finally settled on the Studio Fix Fluid in NW18. 
This foundation is amazing for my skin. As I have Combo skin I need a slightly dewy finish but not too shiny. This is perfect it's right in the middle, it gives a gorgeous finish and makes my skin feel amazing. 
If you don't already have a MAC foundation... GO AND GET ONE! 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme Cup
I have a few MAC lipsticks already but I wanted a new one as I watched a Tanya Burr tutorial and she used this lipstick. It looked gorgeous on her so I had to get it. 
It's a gorgeous soft baby pink and it just glides onto your lips and stays for a good few hours. 
I prefer MAC's Cremesheens, I have a Frost but I found it was way too pigmented and looked as though I had painted my lips. 
If baby pink lipsticks are your thing, this is perfect! 

Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter
For the last year or so I have been using Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and
I absolutely love it but I thought I needed a bit of a change as I hate sticking to the same thing for too long. I have the Match Perfection Foundation and it's one of my favourites so I thought I'd try the concealer, so I got it in the shade Ivory. 
As a highlighter this concealer is amazing, it stays on the skin and doesn't seem to move all day, even on my oily patches, as long as I powder. 
As a highlighter I 100% recommend it, as a concealer... I think I'll stick to my Wake Me Up a little longer.

Random Purchases
Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue
This has to be one of my all time favourite perfumes. For the winter I have mostly been wearing Paco Rabanne Lady Million but as it's getting warmer I wanted a bit more of a lighter scent. This perfume seems to last for so long, I sprayed it on a scarf a few weeks back and I can still smell it a little bit. 
This lovely Floral and Fruity scent to it and is perfect for the warmer seasons.

Floral Printed Swing Cami
I never usually go into Peacocks but I saw this lovely top in the window and had to get it! 
I thought it would be perfect for Spring and the gorgeous weather we're having here at the moment. 
I wore this yesterday and teamed it with a pair of washed out jeans and a leather jacket, but I thought it would also look gorgeous in the warmer weather with a pair of white jeans and some cute little sandals. I love this top and I only got it for £2 as it had a little Black mark on it.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Blog my lovely's. Make sure to like and leave comments and I'll be back in a few days with another blog!